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Yoga Sessions in Bath City and Box for everyone.
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We're hosting a charity yoga event on Friday 14th of April at Well Bath to raise money. You can make a donation below or support us by attending the event.
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Yoga has been a journey that has undoubtedly transformed me. To teach the art of yoga is to share and give back all that I've learned to the world. My classes are suitable for all abilities and provide you with the techniques and lessons to experience the benefits of this practice.

I have trained in Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin. I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner.
I teach with my heart. I can not wait to have you on the mat to start, or continue our journey together!
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Join us in Puglia, Italy
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Yoga Studio in the heart of Bath
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They love us so much they tell all of their friends.
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Your space for letting go; offload from responsibility and commitments.
Mind, body and breathe in sync to take you to a place of complete relaxation. Your own inner space.


The way you breathe is the way you think, the way you think is the way you breath. Let your body get filled up with oxygen and life force, let your mind follow using pranayama techniques.


Back to your roots, reconnecting with your body and nature.

In-person & Online Classes
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Well Bath

Hatha Yoga Flow and Gentle Flow

Monday- 11.30am-12.30pm

Tuesdays 9.45-10.45am

Wednesdays 9.45-10.45am

Thursday (Gentle Flow)- 9.45-10.45am

Friday 9.45-10.45am

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Fly Fitness

Hatha Flow Yoga-

Thursdays 7.30pm-8.30pm

Available in-person

Box Methodist Church

Hatha Yoga Flow-

Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm

Available in-person
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"Wherever you are in your life, there is something within you which is longing to be a little more than what you are right now"

Raquel J

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Tailored yoga classes for you
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solpower yoga

Reiki is an energy healing technique using hand movements to guide the flow of healthy energy
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Yoga in the Studio

Mondays 3-4pm

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Wednesdays 3-4pm

Thursdays 3-4pm

Fridays 3-4pm

Hatha Flow

Mondays 3-4pm

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Wednesdays 3-4pm

Thursdays 3-4pm

Fridays 3-4pm

Well Yoga Flow

Mondays 3-4pm

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Wednesdays 3-4pm

Thursdays 3-4pm

Fridays 3-4pm
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They love us so much they tell all of their friends.
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"With yoga not only your body should become flexible, your mind and emotions and above all your consciousness should become flexible"

Raquel J

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Every fourth Friday of the month join Mirella at Well Bath for a 2 hours immersion of breath, meditation, yin and yang yoga.

Starting with sound, pranayama and meditation. Moving into a slow yin flow, allowing the body to surrender to stillness, melting into positions as the body opens.
Then moving into a more yang, vigorous flow, holding stronger positions. This flow will ground/strengthen you and focus on alignment. Sound, breath, meditation, movement, stillness.
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yoga in bath

Went to yoga with Mirella for the second time- again it was amazing. The knowledge, encouragement, care and great atmosphere made me realise I can heal my body (I had been experiencing stiffness in back and legs for months and thought I could not do yoga again!) The second class provided a different sequence, new ways to heal - Thank you!

Eleri L

"I have been attending Mirella’s classes for nearly 8 months and always look forward to them. Yoga helps me become more balanced and relaxed  and fix some of the damages sitting on a computer for 10 hours a day does"

Bobbie e

"Mirella is the most amazing yoga teacher, I have been attending her classes for the last 3 years, she is so in touch with all her class and is always professional and willing to help out I come away feeling beautifully stretched posture back in place and purely relaxed I feel truly blessed to have Mirella in my yoga journey"

Raquel j

"Mirella is a wonderful teacher, making my first class a truly enjoyable and inspiring experience. Explained everything clearly throughout the class and helped anyone adjust their position if necessary."

Susannah d

"Mirella is a wonderful teacher. She sees the best in everyone and their potential. She has a strong intuition, sensitivity and warmth which creates a lovely atmosphere. Her adjustments have a compassionate and healing quality about them which is quite unique. She is generous adapting to the student’s needs. I like how her classes are both challenging and nourishing for my body and mind."

Melanie g

"Mirella is an amazing, brilliant Yoga teacher and incredible human being who makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well and helping develop the more advanced practitioner, her classes reflect her true honesty, focussing on physical wellness but also a centering and calming of the mind"

adrian c

"Thank you Mirella for making the retreat in your homeland so special. The yoga, the trips and everything we did were amazing…you organized it beautifully and we do appreciate it. Valeria was brilliant with all the food and Hannah with her touch and encouragement. Thank you to everyone for the fun, and hugs, and making it such a wonderful week that I will remember and treasure xx"


"Being an absolute amateur to yoga, I was a bit apprehensive, but I decided to throw myself into the deep end. I was not expecting the overwhelming kindness, support, love and encouragement I received from all of you! For that, I'll always be grateful, and hope your blessings are multiplied .To Mirella and Hannah, thank you for gently holding my hand and giving me direction with so much love and patience. I can genuinely say I learned from the best! Valeria, the love and effort you put into feeding us was always evident in the food you made. I hope you know how talented you are and how much we all appreciate everything you did for us."


"I knew that Mirella has this special gift to bring space in our hearts but when this is combined with the kindness of Hannah and generosity of Valeria everything feels amplified by a million times! Thank you for allowing us to “be” this week! Once again I felt how powerful and soft at the same time can be a circle with women, thank you all"


"I was a little apprehensive of the retreat as I've tried so many times to take yoga classes and arrived at the conclusion, it wasnt for me. But what a revalation this has been! Such a lovely group of ladies! Shocked to find that with the super supportive Mirella and Hannah how far I can take this. Swapping out movements and being given crucial guidance on correct positions has been a amazing, and even more surprising, the total lack of any aches and pains after each session. My sincere thanks. The wellbeing dimension brought out so many tears, proving its worth. Thank you also to Valeria, for the wonderful foods, I will be perusing instagram intently for your recipes! I shall endeavour to continue the good work."


"I'd like to echo the words of appreciation for Mirella Hannah and Valeria. Thank you for your generosity and kindness in sharing your gifts and skills with us all. And thanks to everyone else for being so lovely and inclusive I've had a thoroughly refreshing week .