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Life. Life can be pretty interesting a times, in various ways I mean.

I remember being a child and being told that I should have been either a circus contortionist ( no way I would have chosen a life travelling from place to place full of abused animals) or a I should have practiced Yoga. Yoga?? what's that in the first place and, why would I have ever practice something that is just sitting down with my eyes closed, and what does my natural body flexibility got to do with that anyway?

I was a child in the south of Italy, interested in mishits, games that involved always far too dangerous stuff, volleyball, bicycles and, always, ending up in trouble. Well THAT I do not think is my fault, I am the middle child.. isn't that what middled children are meant to do?? Troubles?!

Anyhow Yoga was not in to my idea of good life at all. And that has been like so for many many years after that.

At the age of 24 I move, from sunny south of Italy to rainy, welcoming England for a time of 6 months ( at least that was my plan) and, HERE is where everything took a very unexpectedness turn.

I mean, I have always been aware that moving away, meeting new people, facing new challenges, re staring my life from zero -starting from not being able to talk the language- would have taken me upon new roads and that has never scared me, it rather intrigued me to the bones!!

I soon started working as waitress, great way to make friends, good cash and learn the langue.

After about 5 months in the beautiful City of Bath, one evening down the pub I meet Joe a beautiful man from the big city of London. Uuuhhhmmm he was very handsome and interested in me.

After a little while from that smokey evening that tasted like beer, we started dating.

We fall in love, moved in together and were happy.

After a year of dating I got pregnant and we had our little, precious, bundle of light Penelope.

All good on paper.

The reality of living together was far more difficult than what this story has told so far.

Me and Joe differ greatly on many expects of our personality and our ways of living our lives.

The relationship got very bad, darkness started take place where the rainbow shone. My smile, my light that has always characterised me started dimming.

I felt intoxicated, stuck, alone, far from home and in a relationship of misunderstanding , judgments and violence.

I was 28 and in a bad bad place. I kept clear from all my friend. I did hit the ground I think they say.

One day something change,a slap on my cheek from a friend who realised how deep I was going and how much I was quietly accepting saved me.

I saw the sun light breaking through the clouds and I rolled up my sleeves again. After all I am a warrior, I thought, I have always been!

A voice inside my heart was saying for a while to look in to yoga and meditation ( well people that saw the state I was in, had suggested that many times but I never took up that idea ).

So the same week of the "save the situation" slap I decided to do something about it and as I had a little girl, it was hard to leave home, so I sat on my computer and searched and searched and looked in to this yoga business. Found so many classes online but it look all so dull... It did not resonate with me. I did not give up thou I kept going till the time I found the online course of power Yoga with Bryan Kest. I unrolled the mat I had found abandoned in a room in the building we lived and started practicing. To my surprise it was everything but sitting still! I could barely keep up with the class, my breath was very short, I had to stop, I was sweating so much, felt my flexible body tight and tired, but the feeling it all left me with was priceless. I layed my body on the ground in to shavasana. After that intense hour the whole of my body was tingling, I could feel my own energy rushing though me, I felt my lungs, my heart, I felt the intensity of being present. I smiled. I had felt myself again.

From that day and for the 3 years after that I have barely missed a day of practice. I understood that yoga was something my body loved and I decided to get more in depths in to it.

Me and Joe separated.

In 2013 I made my way to Kerala, south of India to take my first Teaching treaning course in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga . And there I spent the most incredible 8 weeks of my life till that moment.

My life was tilted upside down, all that I knew suddenly was all to be questioned, my mind , my heart it all felt new, all that I was and been through looked so much easier and all the spiritual questions I had asked my self started to have answers.

I have taken since then uncountable course, workshops and classes with many beautiful yogis and mediators and I am so excited to think that this is an endless journey of learning a teaching yoga.

From that moment on my life, the way I look at life, at feeling, at the world, at relationships, at people, at the universe, at the energy that everyone talks about and know very little about, at the daily challenges and struggles that makes us human has changed dramatically and I have become able to make my life the way I want it to be for myself, Penelope and people I love.

I love my job, being a yoga teacher is the path I chose for myself and that feels like has been waiting for me for a very long time.

I wish to all to find that path that makes you feel at home withing yourselves

Sometimes hard situations are there to teach you a lesson, to take you to places you want go, even if it feels hard to see it once in it.

Without those experiences I have been through, I would have not been the person I am today.

Even tho I am glad those dark days are over, I am grateful to the path that took me here.

LOve LOve LOve


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